• Sian Davies

Business of the week - the music shop neath

This week's business I have chosen to look at is the Music shop in Neath. On first glance, it's a really eye catching design, easy to navigate and appears high on search engines when searching shop in Neath. Well done guys!

I like the font/ style and you can instantly see what they do from the images they've used.

BUT, they have two major flaws:

1 - broken links! It's a pet hate of mine. When you click on a link, you get an error - the dreaded 404 - page not found. It's an easy fix guys, so get on it!

2 - Content - When you delve a little further, there is very little content on the page. The facebook page is really interactive and full of content. The website would really benefit from this type of content and would help SEO. TOP HINT - a blog would really help you out. It would keep content on the website fresh and current, and linking between your social media posts and your blog/ website is good practise.