• Sian Davies

Choosing the right domain name - the basics!

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

People are more likely these days to search online for your business than the phone book, so getting a website that is easy to find is really important.

Your domain name is your identity on the web, the ‘first impression’ someone gets about your business. Getting the wrong domain can lead to all kinds of issues further down the line, so taking some time getting this bit right is vital.

Get the right domain name for YOUR business by reading my #toptips:

· Make it easy to spell and pronounce – an easy way to do this is to write your domain name down and ask friends to pronounce it. If they can’t, you should try simplifying it.

· Keep it short – they can be up to 67 characters, but no one wants to type in a really lengthy name. You’re also opening yourself up to typo mistakes. Think of the big brands and what they are called. eg. Google, bing, twitter, amazon, facebook. They are short and easy to spell. Of course, the less characters that you use, the harder it will be to find a unique domain as someone will already own it, which is why often, local brands use the area or their own name in their brand.

· Use an appropriate domain name extension. .com and .co.uk are the most common, but it could prove difficult to get the extension you want as they’ve been around for so long as I mentioned in the point above. You could try alternatives such as those listed below, but just consider that these won’t necessarily be as easy for people to remember.

.co an abbreviation for company .info informational sites .net internet infrastructure sites .org non-commercial organisation and non-profits .biz business or commercial use

· Use keywords related to your business – but try not to be too narrow if you’re planning to expand in the future. Eg. If you start up printing mugs and call yourself mugsareus.co.uk and then go on to print tshirts, key rings etc, your domain name may no longer be best suited.

· Avoid numbers and hyphens – they’re just really hard to remember.

· Think long term – changing your domain name is a big no, no. It will cost you money, branding and SEO rankings. So get it right first time and really take the time to get your domain name right from the start.

· Do some research – Do a simple search on facebook, twitter and google to see what comes up when you type in your domain name. Does someone else already have it? Plus, make sure you’re not using a name that is trademarked!

OK, so you've searched for a domain name, found out its isn't connected to a website but someone else owns it? Frustrating isn't it? Go to whois.net and you can find out who owns the domain and possibly you can buy the website from them (they will probably charge a premium to buy it if they are willing to sell it to you at all!).


When you buy your domain name, remember, you're only buying a name not a website. Once registered, your domain name will need to be purchased on an annual basis.

The next step will be to connect your domain to your web host.

I can handle all aspects of purchasing your domain and linking it to web host. To discuss further, get in touch with me.