• Sian Davies

Struggling with your website?

I have so many clients coming to me saying that they have a website, but they're not happy with it. Often, clients have used a web hosting site and done it all themselves, and guess what? I applaud these people! Well done... give yourselves a pat on the back! Because I bet if this is you, then you've ploughed countless numbers of hours into your website. It's not that easy though is it? It sounds it, but the reality of the situation is that you have your hands full running your own business. There are so many things to think about, that you end up getting more and more frustrated with your website.

Think getting someone else to do your website is expensive, time consuming and added hassle? Think again! And I promise I'm not just saying this.

My philosophy is rather simple. (I'm a simple kind of girl ok?!) Using my 15 years marketing and digital experience, I can create great looking websites with great functionality, great design and most importantly, will be easy to navigate for your customers. My fresh approach means you will know exactly what you you're paying for from from day 1. #NoJargon #nononsense

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